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Skip the Sellers Market Hassle and Renovate with Lemel Homes

The experts are saying it’s a sellers market for homeowners thus far in 2018, the time is right for you to put your house up for sale and aim for the sky with your price.

But is it really the best time to sell?

We here at Lemel Homes believe it’s better to stay put and fix up your current home instead. Our vast experience with renovations and additions makes us the best choice to breathe new life into your current home. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out the “additions” and “renovations” pages of our website to see for yourself.

We understand how tempting it may be to jump into the real estate market with the robust numbers the Wisconsin Realtors Association produced in March. During the three-month period ending in February, home sales in Wisconsin were up 7.1 percent. In Washington County alone, 117 homes were sold through February, a 48 percent increase. Sheboygan County also jumped 32.8 percent with 81 homes sold.

Homes are selling at a higher price, too. Across the region, median home prices were up 6.1 percent over the winter, according to the association, which includes a 25 percent increase in Ozaukee County alone to $270,000.

If you still think it’s the right time to sell your home, consider the intangibles that arise from a sellers market. You’ll wind up competing with every other seller in your area hoping to make a quick buck, nonstop bidding wars when it’s time to find your next home, and the roller coaster of emotions that come with looking for your dream home just to have it purchased out from under you.

Instead, let Lemel Homes use your current home as a blank canvas for a renovation or addition project that comes straight from your imagination. No request is too grand for Lemel Homes, where we aim to deliver everything you desire where you want to live.

And if that 6.1 percent jump in sales prices is too good to ignore, Lemel Homes can build the custom home of your dreams wherever you want to be. Just pick the neighborhood and leave the rest to us.