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Our History


Joe Lemel tells everyone who listens he’s never worked a day in his life. However, despite the good fortune that would come with working his way up the ranks with the largest production homebuilder in Wisconsin, he also knew he could be happier working directly with homebuyers.

So, in 1983, Lemel walked away from a 50 percent partnership of the company to start his own endeavor from scratch. He longed for the personal interaction a custom homebuilding firm would provide between himself and his buyers, so he took a telephone, his car and some borrowed office space and launched Lemel Homes.

“I just wanted to create my own – that’s it,” Lemel says. “I can’t convince you to buy anything. Until you see something you want, the money doesn’t make any difference. To me, if you’re going to build, build what you want.”

When someone is as passionate about homebuilding as Lemel is, it’s easy to see how he has grown Lemel Homes Inc. into one of the most well-respected custom homebuilders and remodelers in the Milwaukee area. The company’s philosophy is simply to give homebuyers what they want by showing them how to get to their end goal, relying on decades of experience from Lemel himself as well as the top-notch staff he has hired over the last three decades.

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Despite the expertise Lemel has brought to his team over the years, every client still has the opportunity to work with him directly on their dream project from start to finish. Whether clients seek new construction, remodeling work, an addition or a teardown/rebuild, Lemel is along for the ride every step of the way, keeping projects on track through smooth sailing or bumps in the road – and always keeping their vision in mind.

“We’re really more counselors than anything in the way we approach it,” Lemel says. “If you’re going to buy something, there’s plenty out there, so go buy it. But this is much more creative.”

Anything is possible. Anywhere you want to live. Since 1983.

Lemel Homes specializes in building your dream home where you want to live, rather than restricting your options to subdivisions or land we own. We design the space to maximize the unique opportunities associated with your lot, whether that involves new construction in a suburban subdivision, building on a site in an older, established neighborhood, or remodeling your existing home to better serve your needs and desires.

We consider it a great privilege to help build someone’s dream home, and we’d be honored to work with you to make your dreams come true. Your personality will show through in every detail, from the floor plan to the countertops and light fixtures. And our quality construction will assure that your home will remain beautiful and comfortable for generations.