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Personalization for Your Home

Why build a custom home if it isn’t a reflection of the pursuits that fuel your passions? This is why Lemel Homes takes the time to learn about you, your hobbies and interests. Then we design and deliver a home that is uniquely yours.

One home that exemplifies this is how Lemel Homes took on a remodeling project for an award-winning dog breeder. Lemel Homes converted space in a Golden Retriever breeder’s earth home into a dog-training room and kitchen complete with display cases for her myriad of awards – one which is from the famous Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show!


Other passion projects Lemel Homes has delivered include:

  • Space for year-round gardeners
  • Enhanced garages for automotive gearheads
  • Trophy rooms for hunters
  • An indoor shooting range for a Marine sharpshooter
  • A sound studio workshop
  • A craft room for a sewing enthusiast
  • Or......

Most of all, Lemel Homes takes pride in delivering spaces even the most optimistic home buyer thought was impossible.


Your home should adapt with your lifestyle, giving you the opportunity to live there as long as you like with the independence you deserve. As our clients become concerned with their future as they grow older, Lemel Homes, by designing homes using the “Universal Design” approach, can help the home adapt to the client’s lifestyle.

The Universal Design philosophy incorporates items such as:

  • Wider hallways
  • Bigger door openings
  • Garage entrance flush to house
  • Lower counters and sinks in the bathrooms and kitchen
  • Grab bars in tubs and showers
  • Light switches closer to the floor
  • Lifts or elevators to access different levels of their home
  • Stairways with lower risers and wider treads for ease and accessibility
  • Flush wall-mounted LED automatic lights for safer mobility


If the kitchen is known as the heart of the home, then the soul resides wherever homeowners put their passions on display. Whatever that off-the-clock hobby may be – collecting, crafting or cheering for your favorite team, for example – Lemel Homes is adept at designing for your desire to share your devotion to your diversion in a creative way.

  • Looking to show off your dog show trophies? Start polishing your hardware as we incorporate them into a prominent, eye-catching position.
  • Need a fan cave so the squad can revel in the home team’s glory? Fire up the grill while we design the ultimate game-viewing spot with the perfect atmosphere.
  • Want a workshop to give life to your own creations? Tell us your medium of choice and let Lemel Homes design a studio where you can flex that creative muscle.


At Lemel Homes, we understand firsthand how our four-legged friends quickly become members of the family. Our clients want a home that is as comfortable for their pets as it is for their human friends and family. We share a passion for animals, so we know just what pet owners need.

  • Conveniently located mud rooms with easy access walk-in showers help keep the mess your fur babies create contained.
  • Spray hoses, custom storage components and dryers take home grooming to the next level.
  • For those who work the dog show circuit, trophy cases display the awards your prized canines earn.
  • For cats, elevated ledges, sills and shelves offer comfy lounging locations only they can access.