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Teardown, Rebuild, & Infill with Lemel Homes

Sometimes a home is an in-demand area and located on a lot that is just right, but the structure itself just doesn’t fit your needs in any way. Lemel Homes knows what it takes to raze a home and start from scratch to ensure you are living your lifestyle wherever you want to be.

  • Lemel Homes Teardown, Rebuild, & Infill - Milwaukee Infill - home exterior
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We at Lemel Homes show our clients a series of models to help inspire them as they begin designing the home of their dreams. However, we had to start from scratch when our clients wanted a custom home built on a small urban site in Milwaukee’s popular and historic East Side neighborhood.

  • To accommodate the lot size, the 3,000-plus-square-foot home will feature an underground garage.
  • The home will rise two stories for 28 feet and will feature 1,655 square feet on the first floor.
  • To blend in with the existing structures in this historic neighborhood in Milwaukee, the architecture is a modern take on the eclectic looks surrounding the home.
  • Lemel Homes is using 30 steel pylons that extend 30 to 40 feet below the ground along the lengths of the perimeter of the lot to establish the foundation of the home.
  • 2 story house with deck
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Most new homebuyers would be perfectly satisfied renovating their recent purchase if the location served their lifestyle well. Others want nothing more than the locale and the lot, fully realizing an existing structure won’t be there for long.

  • With vast experience in teardown/rebuild projects, the team at Lemel Homes can guide homeowners through the many factors to consider when deciding to renovate a home or start from scratch on the same land.
  • Oftentimes, the general rule of thumb is when you plan to renovate between 50 to 75 percent of a home, it is time to seriously consider tearing down and rebuilding.
  • For this project, the 1980s contemporary look did not fit the style aesthetic the homeowners sought, but the property itself was exactly what they wanted.
  • The homeowners had consulted with other builders about remodeling the existing home, but only Lemel Homes suggested a teardown/rebuild project.
  • Lemel Homes Teardown, Rebuild, & Infill - Fire Rebuild - fire damaged foundation
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There are as few catastrophes as devastating as the loss of a home to a fire. The Lemel Homes team knows homeowners want to return to normal as quickly as possible, so they work with insurance companies and their team of vendors, suppliers and subcontractors to get you back into a home you love.

  • Insurers often rent like homes for their clients in dire situations like this, but for certain periods of time. We know how to work within those deadlines so your new home is ready when you need it.
  • Lemel Homes can build on the footprint of the former home or find a new location on the same lot, depending on lot size.
  • For the flooring, we used wood tile planks – an exciting new product that is one of the hottest trends in home remodeling.
  • We help homeowners determine whether a home can be salvaged or if a complete teardown and rebuild is necessary.
  • Lemel Homes can recreate the design of the original home or give homeowners a new look while working within neighborhood standards and zoning requirements.