Basket of Vegetables

Indoor Gardening Your Passion? Lemel Homes Can Build That

Fresh herbs and vegetables in the backyard are a welcome sign that springtime is finally returning to Wisconsin.

However, countless locavores are taking their passion for farm-to-table produce out of the hands of local restaurants and grocery stores by setting up their own gardens. And many of them aren’t waiting for warm weather, opting instead to bring their gardens indoors by using hydroponic growing methods.

This exciting new trend is taking over the United States as homeowners opt to pick ripe herbs and vegetables from the comfort of their own homes. Like any new hobby, these new-wave gardeners want to retrofit their home to fully enjoy their new passion. Lemel Homes is adept at designing your passion into your home whether it is a custom build or a remodeling job. Hydroponic gardening is no different.

Hydroponics – or “vertical farming” – takes the dirt and outdoors out of gardening by relying on sand, gravel or liquid with added nutrients. Hydroponic gardeners also set up LED lighting to replicate the sun’s rays, often giving the plants access to the vital daylight they need 24/7.

For those interested in building a custom home, Joe Lemel and his team can easily incorporate space for a home garden into the design specs of a ground-up structure. Built-in storage, appropriate lighting and temperature controls for such endeavors are nothing new for Lemel Homes, a company that prides itself on catering to the wishes of the home hobbyist.

If you’re already in your dream home, Lemel Homes can remodel a room or add a full-blown addition, based on how big your hobby is. We can retrofit space in your existing home to help you grow your kale, tomatoes or herbs inside while the winter weather takes its toll on Wisconsin. Whether you need electrical rewiring, more storage or an entire addition for your new passion, Lemel Homes works with you to bring your hobby to life.

Hobbies come and go, but the desire for your own space to fuel your passions never fades away. Visit the “Custom Functionality” of the Lemel Homes website to see how we’ve catered to some of our clients’ unique hobbies and interests.

Whatever your passion or hobby, Lemel Homes tailors your custom home or remodeling project to ergonomically suit or enhance your lifestyle. Contact us today to help you design the space you need to grow your interests, whatever they may be.