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Winter weather and construction

winter-construction_02Many home buyers might consider the harsh weather conditions that come with Wisconsin winters as a reason to put off construction until the state thaws out. We at Lemel Homes think there’s no better time to start building the home of your dreams – if the right precautions are in place.

Today’s construction industry has been winterized to the point where it is an advantage to work through the cold months. It’s just a matter of preparation for what is to come – one more step in Lemel Homes’ exhaustive pre-planning that ensures your home is delivered on time with every amenity you desire.

In other words, there is no reason to let the cold and snow keep you from getting the jump on your dream home. The best way to determine a start date is not the changing of the seasons – it’s your desired move-in date, working backward from there.

If that start date lands in winter, so be it – Lemel Homes will have your home ready when you want it.

Planning for What’s to Come
winter-construction_04There are plenty of precautions we take to make sure building a home through winter is a successful endeavor. For instance, we never start a job until we see a forecast calling for the right temperature to excavate and pour the footings and the walls. And once construction begins, we use hay to keep the ground insulated as well as special attachments on our excavators to help dig through frozen ground.

One might think potentially freezing materials would pose a problem for wintertime home building, but we have considered all possibilities to avoid such trouble. For example, concrete remains heated as it is delivered to job sites, so pours maintain the same consistency as they would in any other season. Large blankets are used when the extremely cold temperatures descend upon us to control the heat concrete releases as it cures, preventing it from freezing and delaying a project’s progress.

Also, many of today’s materials are designed to withstand the elements of a harsh winter – roof shingles, for instance, are fabricated to be installed during any season. Ice and snow that has accumulated is chiseled away, allowing roofers to climb up to perform their work.

When the home is enclosed, our wood-wall sheathing and wind barrier will keep the wind out of the house so conditions are comfortable for the mechanical contractors. Once the insulation is in place and the drywall is hung, the house will have a furnace that will be able to keep the home at an inhabitable temperature.

Functional in the Frozen Tundra
winter-construction_01Much of the construction equipment needs to be kept warm, as well, so it will function properly in the cold. Cordless tools require batteries, which often have shorter lifetimes as temps drop. To combat the elements, new batteries and chargers are often kept inside a running vehicle on-site to be ready at a moment’s notice.

Glue and caulk are two major components of the home building process that also must be kept warm at all costs. These adhesives typically are kept inside a warm truck until needed, as well, to avoid freezing. That means exterior siding installation is usually scheduled near the start of spring.

Don’t Put Home buying Plans On Ice
winter-construction_03With plenty of planning and materials and equipment designed to withstand the elements, Lemel Homes is ready to build dream homes on job sites that can withstand the most brutal conditions Wisconsin’s winter can throw at us.

Let it snow and get going on your dream home today! Contact Lemel Homes to get started!