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Aging In Place

Universal Design / Aging In Place

In today’s building market, the typical consumer wants to stretch their purchasing power as far as possible, and prepare for the future. Many of our customers are concerned about their future and preparing for those events that could occur as we grow older. For the last several years, Lemel Homes has been designing homes using this “Universal Design” approach, to address our clients’ future health needs. We incorporate future physical need items such as:

  • Wider hallways
  • Bigger door openings
  • Ramps in the garage
  • Lower counter and sinks in bathrooms and kitchen
  • Grab bars in tubs and showers
  • Light switches that are closer to the floor
  • Lifts or elevators for access to different floors levels

Our “Universal Design” gives our clients the peace of mind when designing a home that they plan to live in well into their “Golden Years.” This approach works very well in addressing the unknown. Download the Checklist for Universal Aging from Independence First.

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