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Custom Homes in Wisconsin

Photo Shoot 5-14 001Lemel Homes Inc. is a custom homebuilder, and we use that approach with almost every house that we build. It would be very unusual for a customer to walk into one of our models and say, “Don’t change anything, I love this home and I want you to build it exactly as it’s shown.” A typical customer response would be, “We really like the floor plan, but could you change the following . . .” At that point our model would become their custom home. As we help our clients analyze their housing needs their very own custom home develops.

Whatever your budget, we use the same construction components and techniques on your home, with the standards that are the same for every custom home we build. We provide our clients with many choices of equal value when they are deciding on what features to include in their home. This gives our clients the ability not only to make informed choices, but to stay well within their established budgets.

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