Urban Infill: Rebuilding a Community While Building a Home.

blog-urbaninfill_01Over the past several years, Lemel Homes has come to specialize in a type of building project with the awkward name “urban infill.” Also called “land recycling” or “redevelopment,” it simply means new construction in an urban environment. The term “infill” comes from the fact that much of this kind of redevelopment happens on undeveloped land in the middle of developed communities, and that the new construction “fills a gap” between the older buildings.

blog-urbaninfill_02We’ve discovered that many of our customers love the convenience and charm of living in an established urban area, whether that’s a bustling city center or a quaint old neighborhood. The National League of Cities reports, “Urban Infill is gaining in popularity as intown or close-in locations become more attractive to prospective home buyers.” View Report

In many cases, our urban infill customers have hired us to blog-urbaninfill_03build a new home on a vacant lot. But we’ve had other customers who already owned a home in an urban community, a home that simply didn’t meet their needs. In those cases, they hired us to tear down the existing home before building their dream home in its place.

Of course, urban infill doesn’t just benefit the homeowner. According to a 2015 report by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, it can have a positive impact on the community as well: “Infill development can bring many benefits, including financial savings for municipalities, increased property values for residents and businesses, easier travel, reduced pollution, and economic stabilization of distressed communities.” View PDF

blog-urbaninfill_04If you’re considering building your dream home in a city or another established metropolitan area, be sure to contact Lemel Homes first. We’re Southeastern Wisconsin’s urban infill specialists, and it’s our mission to help you live “anywhere you want to live.” We’ll maximize the unique opportunities that your urban lot provides while creating a home that will uplift your established community.