The selection process: Choosing the look of your home

planningBuilding a new home is exciting. It’s a chance to design your house so it functions well for your family’s everyday life, and the design options mean you can pick out finishes and paint colors so the house looks exactly like you want it to.

Clients often have fun with the selection process. A lot of clients come to our initial selection process meeting with general ideas of how they want their house to look.

We offer a variety of customization options, and we’ll work with you throughout the selection process to ensure all of your design choices come together into one great package.

The exterior process

exteriorThe selection process always starts with the exterior decisions. Our team will meet with you in our selections office, which is filled with samples of everything for your home. Exterior materials include doors, windows, siding and roofing.

We walk clients through exterior selections before construction begins to ensure these decisions are finalized before the build.

Clients often enjoy the exterior part of the selection process. When you’ve been dreaming of building a home, it’s often easy to visualize what that new home will look like.

If you’re not sure what you want your new house to look like, we recommend driving by our homes and around different neighborhoods to take note of roofing and siding colors of existing houses you like.

The interior selections

flooring_windowsOur selection office is also filled with interior samples, including plumbing, cabinets, countertops, hardware and flooring. We also have photos of home builds and remodels we’ve completed so you can see the products in action and how they blend with other finishes.

Clients often make a lot of their interior decisions, such as plumbing fixtures, cabinet hardware and interior trim right in our selections office. If we don’t have a sample of what you want in our office, we’ll direct you to a nearby showroom where you can see a specific countertop, cabinet or flooring detail.

The impact of trends

roofingWhile current interior design trends sometimes factor into clients’ design decisions, we find that a lot of buyers are interested in a classic, timeless look. After all, many building their home plan to live there for a long time.

We recommend buyers use Houzz to look for ideas before we meet to review decision selections. Sometimes we include something exactly as a buyer found it on Houzz, and other times, we match things up as best as we can to achieve the look they want.

Indecisive? We’ll help out.

While many clients come to us with ideas of how they want their finished home to look, some customers can’t decide on certain finishes and materials.

We’re happy to step in at those times and help clients pick finishes that fall within their price range and general color scheme of the house.

Depending on how far along we are in the process, change orders are issued if customers change their mind on a certain finish. We’ll work you to make this your perfect home!

The selection process is a lot of fun. It’s your chance to customize the home of your dreams.