Open Floor Plans

The Bridgeport, built by a Wisconsin home builder, has an open floor plan

The Bridgeport has an open floor plan

Creating the Home of Your Dreams

Designing a new home or remodeling an older one gives you a chance to choose a floor plan that suits you perfectly. Similar to a road map, it shows where you want to go and how to get there. A floor plan lets you create a design for your home that provides comfort for your family and friends. Making an investment in a set of floor plans requires a small expenditure, but it helps you design a dream home that a Wisconsin home builder can create for you.

Choosing an Open Floor Plan

Living without walls can give your home a spacious feeling, but it can deprive you of privacy. Your lifestyle, tolerance for noise, desire for tidiness, and the age of your children can affect your choice of a floor plan.

1. Entertaining
Your family and guests can mingle and have conversations in an open kitchen area while you cook. Space for the dining and living rooms usually flows from the kitchen and may extend to a porch or veranda. Keep in mind that everyone can see the messy pots, pans and tools that you use in creating a meal.

2. Tidiness
An open space offers a way to link cooking, dining and living activities through the use of color and creative design, but it offers no place to hide things that your family members usually leave behind.

3. Visibility
Keeping an eye on your children at play while you work in the kitchen, use the computer or talk on your iPhone can help ensure their safety. You may want to designate their play area with a carpet or miniature furniture.

4. Noise and Music
Enjoying an excellent sound system that fills your home can create a pleasant listening experience, but noise can have an opposite effect.

5. Lighting
The absence of walls that separate your kitchen and dining rooms from your living room lets the light from your windows fill an open floor plan.

A Wisconsin home builder can create the home that fulfills your dreams, with a floor plan that works for you. Have your own home built the way you want it, anywhere you want to live.