Four Tips for Building a Focus on Energy Certified Home

A Focus On Energy certified home can be built for you

A Focus On Energy certified home can be built for you

For the past 20 years, the energy conservation experts at Focus on Energy have provided certification options for custom home builders and home buyers in the state of Wisconsin. The energy-saving features of these Focus on Energy Certified Homes can provide added confidence for you and your family and increased comfort for as long as you own your home. Here are four of the most important tips for individuals and families interested in living green-friendly in their new homes:

1. Invest in High-Efficiency HVAC Systems

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating and cooling can add up to nearly half of your energy expenditures in a typical year. Finding ways to increase the efficiency of these systems and to reduce your monthly heating and cooling costs can provide you with a more comfortable and affordable home for your family. Custom home builders in Wisconsin can provide accurate guidance regarding the best options for your new home and can deliver high-efficiency HVAC systems designed specifically to meet your needs now and in the future.

2. Consider Thermal Enclosures

Creating a solid barrier between outside temperatures and the inside of your home can provide even greater support for your heating and cooling equipment and can lower your utility bills throughout the year. Insulation and wraps are the most common ways to create this protective perimeter around your home. Attics, basements and even foundations should be insulated to prevent air leakage from reducing the energy efficiency of your home. Working with a proven Wisconsin home builder can ensure that every part of your new home is protected against wind, weather and extreme temperatures outside.

3. Choose Energy-Saving Lighting Fixtures and Appliances

New lighting standards enacted between 2012 and 2014 have reduced the energy used by most light bulbs by as much as 80 percent. Ensuring that the lighting fixtures in your new home are compatible with these newer light bulbs can allow you to enjoy lower energy costs while maintaining adequate lighting in every area of your home. Working with custom home builders with a strong commitment to energy efficiency can ensure that you receive the best advice on appliance choices, lighting fixtures and many other components of your new home.

4. Install Humidity Controls

Taking steps to reduce excess moisture inside your home can make you and your family feel more comfortable during warmer weather and can reduce the risk of mold and other threats to your health. Venting systems in the kitchen and bathroom areas can provide added help in moving humid air out of your home. Additionally, mold-resistant drywall in baths can offer an added layer of protection for your family against respiratory ailments caused by the growth of this dangerous substance.

As a certified Focus on Energy builder in the state of Wisconsin, Lemel Homes has been serving home buyers in our region for more than 30 years. This wealth of experience and expertise can allow you to enjoy the greatest possible comfort and the most affordable monthly utility bills in your new home. By entrusting your construction project to these trusted professionals, you can ensure the best home building experience from start to finish.